10 PS-HL

Flexible PVC-coated fabric ducting Spring steel wire covered wear strip profile.

Structure : Welded flexible ducting made out of antistatic PVC-coated fabric, reinforced with steel wire covered by PVC wearstrip profile. Construction and design on request.

Applications : Designed for suction air, gases, other fumes for mining and tunnels, blowing warm air for mobile heaters.

Properties : Diameters : from 200 up to 3500mm, length : from 5 up to 10m, pitches : 150mm / 75mm / 50mm / 30mm, suspension :1 row of galvanized, suspension hooks, PVC coatedpolyester fabric antistatic, good flexibility even at low temperatures, outer wearstrip. Wire diameter : from 2,5 up to 6 mm, depending on ø and design.

Number of linear meters desired :