7 CAR 200/CAR 300

Light weight and very flexible neoprene-coated polyester fabric ducting and with silicone-coated kevlar fabric Galvanized steel profil helix.

Structure : Light weight flexible ducting made out of neoprene-coated polyester fabric for CAR200 and silicone-coated kevlar fabric for CAR300, reinforced with galvanised steel helix.

Applications : Designed for suction of hot fumes in the garage, gases or dust in all fields of industry. Helix covered with protection to avoid vehicle damage and and burns to users.

Properties : CAR 200 : PVC-coated polyester fabric. CAR 300 : Silicone-coated kevlar fabric. Excellent temperature resistance,
excellent flexibility, compressibility, good mechanical strength, good vibration resistance, outer wearstrip covered to not damage vehicule bodywork, or burn people.

Number of linear meters desired :