Hose with a good flexibility even in low temperatures with a UV stablised material, featuring a patented double spiral structure.

Structure : Flexible hose made with a unique double spiral patent, featuring an internal spiral, used as the main support of the hose structure, and a second external spiral ensuring a kink free bending, and an additional support to the vacuum resistance of the hose. The unique structure of the hose along with the very soft, low temperature resistant wall, provide a unique bending and flexibility.

Applications : Specially designed for slurry distribution systems. Very flexible even at very low temperatures. Made of UV resistant material to prevent degradation during long-term exposure to sunlight. The smooth internal surface allows for high flow and the self-sliding exterior external surface allows for easy installation on dribble ramp systems. The patented double spiral offers complete protection of the pipe wall against friction and a reduced bending radius.

Properties : Smooth inside, external surface with a corrugated profile for easy dragging.

Number of linear meters desired :