Phthalate-free, low temperature, heavy duty flexible hose for suction and delivery of liquids & foodstuffs featuring a patented double spiral structure.

Structure : Flexible hose made with a unique double spiral patent, featuring an internal spiral, used as the main support of the hose structure, and a second external spiral ensuring a kink free bending, and an additional support to the vacuum resistance of the hose. The unique structure of the hose along with the very soft, low temperature resistant, food-grade PVC wall compliant to EU regulation 10/2011 (simulants A, B, C, D1) and CE 1935/2004, provide a unique bending and flexibility.

Applications : Designed for heavy duty suction and delivery of juice or wine, beer and alcohol up to 50%, as well as wine must and other quality liquids and foodstuffs. The patented double spiral, provides a full protection of the wall of the hose to puncture and dragging. The surface slides perfectly on the floor thanks the external spiral that allows to the operators an easy manipulation of the hoses in use.

Properties : Smooth inside, external surface with a corrugated profile for easy dragging.


Number of linear meters desired :